About Us

We are more than a tuition agency…

Every time we send a tutor to guide your child, we make sure that all options had been explored to provide you with the most experienced tutor that best fits your child’s personality.

We see this tutoring industry differently and always place our beloved partners’ interests (both parents and kids) first. It just doesn’t feel great securing a deal that we did not put in our best – what really drives us is the constant effort that we put in to nurture your beloved child into our future hope and pillar of our society.

We understand that education and learning doesn’t stop in schools. Through our dedication and passion in education, we hope to bring the tuition industry to the next level by integrating self-development and well-rounded approach to education to not just excel academically, but to shine in life and am confident in pursuing their dreams and passion.

Each and every tutor is interviewed on their teaching methodologies, together with an in-depth discussion of their take on the education and development of our future generation. By ensuring that each and every tutor is on the same page as us, we can then lead with pride towards the future that we envision – where each and every child are guided since young into the passion for learning and self-development.

"We're more than a tuition agency. Definitely!"