"Heart Work is as important as Hard Work."

Academic results are just part of the story. With our 10 years of experiences, we know learning goes beyond study materials and exam papers. Profiling each and every of our First Class Tutors, we match them to your child according to their learning styles. By achieving the best fit, we shall spark your child's burning desire in learning and pave the road to the development of their supreme confidence, leading to extraordinary First Class Results.


"To assemble a team of First Class Tutors. To nurture our future talents into achieving First Class Results."

Education are not restricted to the four walls and pieces of paper. Stepping into the World where information is readily available, what matters is the ability to make sense of information, perform critical thinking, and to put all the available information into great use.

That is exactly what we promise.

Learning doesn't just happen within the four walls. We strive to equip our future talents with critical thinking skills and the ability to approach problems creatively, empowering them with the potential in making positive impact to our world.

Learning is about understanding, not memory work. Being able to relate complex formula to something that your beloved child can understand is what makes the difference between First Class Results and the Average Joe.



Each and every child is unique - so do our pool of experienced First Class Tutors.

Over the years, we've realised that just having the best tutor doesn't bring out the best in the child. Hence, we sieved through all our past records and found out that what really matters is the trust and bond between the child and our tutor that sets the last puzzle piece in place.


We're more than teaching by chapters and subjects.

We drive deeper into establishing a connection with your child to surface their inner passion and talents. We communicate frequently with our tutors to gather their understanding of your beloved child, and we will then convey our findings to you.

We're not here just to help your child ace his or her papers - we're aiming to have them ace their lives.


Other than the 3 core learning styles (Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic), there are dozens of factors that influences how each and every individual perceive, absorb, and make sense of information. With our arsenal of profiling techniques (such as finger-print profiling), we're able to go a step further into using technology to provide an in-depth understanding of how your child learn best - without all the trial and error!


"I founded First Class Tuition in 2009 in response to a rising need. Many parents are looking for competent, reliable tutors for their beloved kids. I'm definitely not the first to have this realisation, and it is a fact back then that many families out there are faced with the question of where and how to find quality tutors who can cater and nurture the best within their child.

I began to explore the inner works of the local tuition industry when one of my close friends asked me to help her in searching for a tutor to guide her daughter. It was then I realized that the services provided by various agencies differ by a large extent. Out of the ten tuition agencies I've called, only one went the extra mile in learning more about her daughter's challenges to better cater to her needs. Of course, we subsequently chose to go with this agency for her daughter's tutoring needs.

This course of event sparked my interest in the tuition industry. Recognizing the huge mismatch between the quality of service behind the tuition agencies out there and the importance of nurturing our future pillars of our society, I became in touch with what I proudly pursue - making a difference in providing an avenue for parents to entrust the future of their beloved child in our hands.

Over the years, it proved to be tough upholding the highest standard of matching in everything we do - sieving through the thousands of tutors, manually matching tutors with our future talents to ensure the best fit, and taking time to understand each and every child from our tutor.

Yet every now and then when I hear feedbacks about the positive impact I've made on their child, I knew I've done a good job."

Vivian Koh, Founder